Love of the outdoors is universal. Whether it’s perch-jerking beneath an eagle’s nest on Tennessee’s Reelfoot Lake or stalking Kudu on the open plains of South Africa, there’s an adventure for everyone. Some call it instinct. Some call it a hobby. We call it a business…and we can’t think of a better one.

At Outdoor Connection®, our goal is to connect our clients with the adventure destinations of their dreams. Some of our clients just want to get away from the phone and sit on a peaceful lake with their family. Some of our clients want to fly to Argentina and fire 1,000 shots a day at millions of dove. All of our clients have one thing in common – they trust us to provide the best service available. Each one of our clients know we go out of our way to provide them with consistently excellent service in a sector of the travel business that has become as uncertain as the weather. It’s in this environment that we excel, holding true to our mission like a stone in a raging river since 1988.

Our agents, over 75 across the United States, work hard to provide up to date, pertinent information on all of our destinations. There is strength in numbers and with over 75 agents, Outdoor Connection® has become the leader in outdoor travel planning. Personal visits by our agents to each and every destination we offer, ensures you the quality of travel you expect. Whether it’s bass on Lake Fork or elk in Montana, we will put you in the right place.

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