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Choosing the perfect lightweight camping tent

Many people get confused and overwhelmed by the variety of lightweight camping tents that are available today, and rightly so. For an inexperienced camper or hiker, the choices and styles may seem endless. Some walk into an outdoors store to buy a tent only to find themselves amazed at the huge selection of tents that are staring back at them. The first thing to do is decide what you are looking for in a lightweight camping tent.

A lightweight camping tent is generally described as a tent that is about 3 pounds or less. This makes it the ideal lightweight hiking tent to carry on the back while hiking, or to simply carry to your camping spot. There are a few types of tents that are classified within the lightweights of camping tents. These are the Traditional 3-season tent, the Bivy, the Tarp tent and the Hammock tent.

The 3-season tent is the most traditional tent that can be bought. They give a party a lot of coverage and also protection against insects and the elements. They are one of the most popular choices for tents. Their one downside is that they weigh more than a lot of options out there. In addition, if you’re not that inclines to hike long, grueling distances and altitudes, and would rather just go camp and relax in nature’s beauty then it’s a bit easier to choose the best 4-season tent. The Bivy is a type of camping shelter that is not truly classified as a tent. Instead, it is a lightweight, emergency shelter. Many campers and hikers use this if they are alone, and want to carry something that can be used in case of mild weather conditions.

The tarp tent is one that is very light, but may not be suitable for first time campers. Due to its lightweight, the tarp tent is also an ideal lightweight hiking tent. It can be difficult to put together, and may take practice to learn how to pitch it very well. Many experts recommend practicing pitching a tarp tent before the actual camping trip. However, once learned, the tarp tent is one of the lightest tents available. The hammock tent is a great lightweight camping tent option for protection against the elements. No matter if you are caught in the rain or snow, this tent will have you covered.

When buying a tent, there are a few major points to remember. The first is how big you want the tent to be. Many people aim for a size that fits one more than what they plan to use it for. For example, a family of three may be more comfortable in a tent made for four individuals, because of the extra room. Also look for a tent that is weatherproof, so that if
you are caught in the rain, you can stay cozy and dry inside. Another excellent option for a tent is to find one that can be folded up into a backpack. This option is great because it can then be carried as a backpack, freeing up the hands for more important issues, such as hiking.

It is important to do your research before deciding on what tent to buy. Talk to friends and family to see if there is a tent that they have used and would recommend. After that, take the time to examine all of your options – after all, a tent is one of the most important items of a camping trip or a hike.


Did You Know Hiking makes you Happier and Healthier?

Hiking outdoors is associated with countless perks; fresh air, nice views, and also helps you stay fit and healthy. Here are some of the health-related reasons you should pack your hiking gear in your backpack and embark on an amazing outdoor hiking trip.

Hiking Backpack
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Hikers are creative

Caffeine should be a thing of the past, those looking to improve their overall health should look no further than the best hiking trails near them. Studies prove that spending most of your time outdoors enhances the overall health by increasing creative problem-solving skills and attention spans. It enhances social interaction as people can take time off their computers and have regular conversations like previous years before the world became a global village. Hiking also doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. Just take a look at a creative hiker below.

Creative Rolling Hiking Backpack. More rolling backpacks here.

Hiking heals

Studies show hiking has been beneficial not only in issues associated with cardiovascular health; it goes as far as aiding in the healing process of cancer patients. Another study showed that people who exercised regularly especially breast cancer patients got better. Long distance hiking enhances the capacity of antioxidants in the human body.

Hikes are Seriously Fit

The moment you take up hiking as both an adventure and way of being healthy, there is a positive impact on your body and brain. Walking for one hour can burn up to 500 calories improving your health immensely. When hiking, you do not put too much pressure on your joints, and afterward, you feel less stiff and creaky.

Losing weight and boosting metabolism happens mostly if you take a hilly and bumpy terrain as altitude is another known contributing factor to shedding off the unwanted muscles. Keep up the effort of tramping different trails on a daily basis and chances are you will never suffer high-risk diseases like stroke, diabetes, or blood pressure.

Hikers are happier

Research done over the years shows people suffering from depression feel better once they take up hiking. Hiking provides mental benefits because taking time out of the regular schedule helps one reconnect with themselves. In the end, people have a sense of well-being and inner peace.

If you plan to take the sport by yourself, experts gave the following as the best tips.

  • Prepare for the worst-Carry with you the emergency kit in case of an unprecedented accident.
  • Start small-Start with a few miles and as time advances you can take up different and complicated trails.
  • Do not ignore your backyard-Begin hiking in your home area before you can take up the exercise in other cities.
  • Overestimate your trail time erring on the longer side is better since hiking can be slower than you could realize.
  • Partner up and hike with someone to make the experience worthwhile.