Winter camp tent

Cold weather camping and survival tips

Camping during winter is a fun activity but the cold can ruin the fun. You have to plan ahead to
deal with the challenges associated with the cold weather effectively so as your camping trip
can be fun, comfortable, and memorable. Here are some of the most effective tips to help you
achieve a successful and fun cold weather camping.

1. Dress appropriately

Camping gearClothes can keep you warm during cold weather but proper dress code will guarantee your
comfort and conservation of heat even when you stop moving. Therefore, start with a thermal
underwear made of polyester, followed by a breathable fleece. This helps to constrain the
accumulation of moisture during an excursion.

For those who like natural fibers better, wool-fleece blends and merino wool provide the
required warmth without causing itching. A scarf or neck gaiter is a good idea since you can put
on and off without difficulty. Remember to carry a lightweight jacket which should be
waterproof and breathable.

Also, layering keeps the head and feet warm. Wear windproof fleece or stockings caps, wool
socks and waterproof/ water-repellant boots.

2. Cover your hands

Cold hands and feetPut on polyester glove liners followed by a pair of gloves then put a layer of gauntlets over
them. You can carry along chemical heating pads for the purpose of a little heat enhancement
when needed.

3. Have a source of Fire

Camp FireOn arrival at the campsite, the first step should be to start a fire before carrying out any other
setup. Make sure that you always have a source of a fire. You can also carry some dryer lint fill
into a film canister or an old bottle. You can also use magnesium starters, a high-tech method.

4. Decide on appropriate campsite

Winter camping tent Choose places where there is morning sun and angle your tent towards the direction of the first
appearance of sunlight. Make sure to shade the door form the winds. This will allow you to stay
warm for a long time. There are some fantastic websites out there that suggest campsites best suited to your needs. You can find some campsites here.

5. Stay hydrated

Drinking teaDrink warm or cold water, hot chocolate or hot tea. Chocolate is a source of calories for fueling
your body during an outdoor adventure. Keep in mind that you can be dehydrated even during
a cold weather and this will be a major setback. Therefore, if you don’t like cold water in such
weather, consider taking warm fluids.

6. Wear clothes even when going to bed

Camping onsie

Do not strip down before getting into the sleeping bag, instead wear all the clothes. Pour some
warm water into a heat-proof water thermos and nestle into your sleeping bag with it. This will
keep you warm for a long time and you no longer need to worry about chilly night weather.

7. Be prepared for condensation

Tent condensationMinimize condensation by venting your tent at nightfall. Dry your sleeping bag in the morning
to rid the condensation formed at night before using it once more.
For you to have the best experience during winter without worrying about cold, recall that
slight heat can go a long way.

8. Pack your survival gear

Survival BagRemember to pack your survival gear and first aid kit. With the wilderness comes accidents. It is better to be prepared for such events. There are always essential items to include in your survival bag. An item often overlooked is a survival knife. You can find some great ones here.